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A "method" borne from experience

With 30 years of acting in his pocket, Bob came to understand the certain fluidity and naturalness that acting can have. He’d studied a great many “methods” and techniques of other greats, but they all missed one crucial ingredient: the key to organically linking all of their techniques together.

Our style summed up in the most simple way possible is just this: acting. It enables the performer to forget “technique”, to rid their mind of thinking about acting and simply put out a completely organic and deeply true performance.

We’ve taken students who have never acted in their lives and turned them into actors who read as though they’ve been at it for years.

Able to be applied by anyone

Young, old, experienced, or brand-new. Bob has worked with them all, hundreds of students and every one finding the acting come so totally naturally to them after working with our simple methods.

We ask ourselves – why can’t acting be fun? Acting should be a release, an expression, never a chore, a source of anxiety, or difficult. We strip away the stress, the confusion, and all that is left is your ability to truly be a character and love every moment of it.

It’s a feeling that we have shared with students time and again for years, and one you will experience after working with Bob as well.

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