"The Art In You"

Master character, performance, and emotional truth.

“Our flagship class explores the full depth of my techniques and produces results. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.” – Bob Caso

Reveal The Actor You Can Become

When every lie is stripped away, the sheer simplicity of acting is all that’s left. We work the actor gradiently through the process of breakthrough after breakthrough to arrive at real emotional truth.

Our class is composed of several "core" components. When brought together, they make you unstoppable.

Monologue Study

Master character, backstory, and the compelling delivery of dialogue with these foundational techniques.

Scene Mastery

Acting is rarely a solo event. Bob will take you through the process of perfecting the ability to play off another actor and craft compelling scenes.

Emotional Refinement

Core to a performance is learning to identify and evoke emotional states. There's no need to traumatize yourself, we show you how to be emotive naturally.

Natural Improvisation

Even though an actor's job is typically scripted, a grasp of improvisation allows you to play with what you're given and inject life into a scene.

Intent Analysis

Bob breaks down how to analize a script and character from top to bottom to get at not only what the writer's intent is, but how to best incorporate it into the performance.

Industry Insight

Bob's multi-faceted experience in entertainment is yours for the taking. We help you navigate an often overwhelming and chaotic industry.

Are You Ready To Experience The Difference?

BONUS #1: Our Exclusive Community

None of us are in this alone. As soon as you join us as a member you will gain full access to our exclusive online community with your fellow students where we share wins, tips, casting notices, and stand by one another.

BONUS #2 - Industry Pro Sessions

Commercial workshops, sessions with successful working actors, casting director intensives, meet-and-greets with agents and managers, we have it all. As part of our class you will get access to these as they come – all to help further your career.

BONUS #3 - Online Casting Mastery

The landscape of acting has changed dramatically. With so much casting being conducted online the opportunities are ripe for you to grow and advance your own career. We’re no stranger to these developments and will walk you through it all.

What Our Students Have To Say...

“I’ve been taking classes for a little over a year now. In that time, I have seen an increase in bookings, auditions, signed with a few new agents and feel more confident. It is a safe space to challenge yourself and grow as an actor.”  – ANGELA R.

“Since I started training with Bob, I booked my first feature film and TV show role. This is the class you need to be in if you are serious about making a career out of acting.”  – TYLER R.

“Bob has the uncanny ability not only to help you become a better actor, but also unveil the amazing human being you are. The class supports each other and I am deeply to call many of them my friends.”  – CARL S.

“Bob has pushed me to believe in myself and taught me the importance of putting the work in to see the results you want to see. Since joining I have gotten an agent and booked a couple of projects with the tools I’ve learned while taking this class.”  – BRANDIE H.

“His teaching methods are very effective as he approaches every student with the same intensity and devotion. He has built my confidence to live my dream and grow as an actor.”  – ANTHONY C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. We believe every student is entitled to work on their career at their own pace, and should you need to step away from class you may do so with our full support. No matter what, we’ve got your back.

Nope! We work with people who have never acted in their lives as well as multi-decade veterans of the craft. No matter your experience in the field we can take you to the next stage in your skills as a performer.

Absolutely! Our sessions on self-taping, our industry professional workshops with casting directors, agents, managers and working actors, and our occasional casting notices are all designed to help you move forward with your career.

Are You Ready To Experience Difference?

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