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“I’ve been taking classes for a little over a year now. In that time, I have seen an increase in bookings, auditions, signed with a few new agents and feel more confident. It is a safe space to challenge yourself and grow as an actor.”  – ANGELA R.

“Since I started training with Bob, I booked my first feature film and TV show role. This is the class you need to be in if you are serious about making a career out of acting.”  – TYLER R.

“Bob has the uncanny ability not only to help you become a better actor, but also unveil the amazing human being you are. The class supports each other and I am deeply to call many of them my friends.”  – CARL S.

“Bob has pushed me to believe in myself and taught me the importance of putting the work in to see the results you want to see. Since joining I have gotten an agent and booked a couple of projects with the tools I’ve learned while taking this class.”  – BRANDIE H.

“His teaching methods are very effective as he approaches every student with the same intensity and devotion. He has built my confidence to live my dream and grow as an actor.”  – ANTHONY C.

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